Adult S.M.A.R.T.  (Scientific Martial Art Realistic Techniques)

We offer this Program for students 10 and Up. This is a modern approach to the martial arts with a complete and exciting curriculum.  Martial art is a great stress reliever and fitness activity which will improve the body, mind, and spirit. Our program will increase flexibility, coordination, agility, and assist in weight loss while learning a practical and efficient martial art. Students find a sense of accomplishment when setting goals, as well as developing leadership skills, character and indomitable spirit. It’s amazing how the martial arts affect people’s lives. There is so much more to a martial artist than meets the eye. The education is as much a mental and spiritual exercise as it is a physical one. Behind the warrior are incredible life skills that have been developed through years of rigorous training. Training in the martial arts is learning guide for life that will contribute to the development of the whole person;body, mind, and spirit.


Kempo Karate (Gi Required)                       Mon, Wed & Fri         6:00pm – 7:00pm