This program is offered only to Law Enforcement and Security Specialists. This information is straight to the point and very effective.

The curriculum of multiple sections:



• Joint Controls and Escort techniques – This section covers the effective use of joint manipulation both in a defensive capacity as

well as a control for escort capacity. This class has applications in all levels of law-enforcement but is especially critical to patrol

and traffic officers.

• Impact / Control Weapons – This section covers the standard and advanced use of common impact and control weapons used

today. These will include the expandable baton and kuboton.

• Effective Use of Strikes – In this section we cover the use of traditional as well as nontraditional strikes as a defensive tool. A

major focus will be placed on stun strikes.

• Edged Weapon Defense – This section focuses on defending against an edged weapon and techniques designed to disarm the


• Weapon Retention – This section focuses on retention of an officer’s weapon. This will include handgun in and out of holster as

well as long gun retention.

• Ground Defenses – This section of the curriculum deals with officer defenses on the ground and techniques to escape and control

while on the ground.

• Pressure Point Controls – This section explores the use of pressure points as both control and defense tools.

Gun Disarming Techniques – This section focuses on techniques for disarming a subject armed with a gun. We work techniques

for both handguns and long guns.

Dynamic Entry CQB Techniques – This section explores the application of DT technique and it’s unique application to SWAT

and other specialized teams.